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Listen Up: Paperwork Makes Solar Much More Expensive

Eight years ago I was puzzled as to why residential solar installations were $2.50/watt cheaper in Germany compared to the U.S. Perfect excuse for a road trip — so after meetings with...

Travis Lowder - April 24, 2015

Residential Solar and Uniform Commercial Code: A Primer on Solar-Financiers’ Rights in a Foreclosure

U.S. residential solar PV has been growing at a breakneck pace. Annual installations have increased nearly five-fold in the past five years and, in 2014, surpassed annual commercial...

- April 24, 2015

Egypt’s Renewable FIT Program Gains Traction

The Government of Egypt has said that it must invest US$12 billion in the electricity sector over the next five years in order to meet that country’s urgent electricity demands — and...

Tony Clifford - April 23, 2015

3 Solar Trends To Watch After the First Quarter of 2015

The U.S. solar industry closed its first quarter on March 31. So where does the U.S. industry stand at the quarter pole of 2015? Here are three trends we’re watching:

Cathy Chickering Pace - April 22, 2015

Using Geothermal Solutions to Desalinate Oil Field Water

Clean water — it’s a precious resource in hot demand right now, for more than taking a shower or watering our crops. The United Nations projects the world’s population will grow by...

Michael Panfil - April 20, 2015

Experts Agree: We Can Preserve Electric Reliability and Protect Public Health Under Clean Power Plan

Last June, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed the first ever national carbon pollution standards for existing power plants. Fossil fuel-fired power plants account for...

Peter Sherry - April 16, 2015

Negotiating the Energy Balance in the Caribbean

Reflecting the azure skies of the Caribbean, solar panels on private houses, hotels and businesses are an increasingly common sight across all the islands. Many Caribbean customers...

Aditya Goel - April 15, 2015

The Dark Horse in the Global Solar Race: India’s 100-GW Solar Ambition

A "dark horse" is defined as a little-known entity that emerges to prominence in the face of competition — a contestant that seems unlikely to succeed. I borrow the term from a conversation...

Jim Lane - April 14, 2015

Finally! US EPA Proposes Timelines for Finalizing Renewable Fuel Standard Volumes

In Washington, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released a proposed consent decree in litigation brought against EPA by, the American Petroleum Institute (API) and the American...

Susan Casey-Lefkowitz - April 13, 2015

Bridging the Clean Energy Divide

When you live on a fixed income, reducing monthly electricity bills can make a big difference in your daily life. Lower energy costs mean more money for food, health care and other...

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