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Renewable Energy Opinion & Commentary

Ron Pernick - March 05, 2015

Tesla, Toyota, and Open Patents: The Hype and the Hope

In recent months, a veritable open patent war has erupted between Tesla Motors and Toyota. Both companies have been widely cited in the industry and financial press for their respective...

Edmée Kelsey - March 04, 2015

5 Solar Asset Management Predictions for 2015

2014 was the year when many owner/operators started to realize the importance of solar asset management. 2015 marks the year where for the first time there is an industry conference...

Tom Konrad - March 03, 2015

Ten Clean Energy Stocks For 2015: A Fine February

After a rough start to the year, My Ten Clean Energy Stocks for 2015 posted a strong recovery in February.

Vic Shao - March 02, 2015

Tracking the Rise of Intelligent Energy Storage

Power industry regulators around the world are increasingly coming to realize the multiple benefits and advantages of intelligent energy storage solutions. As Navigant highlights in...

Listen Up: Combining Solar and Storage for Commercial Buildings

Homes are billed for electricity based on the amount of energy they consume (measured in kwh). But commercial facilities often get an additional charge for the peak amount of power...

Peter Sopher - February 25, 2015

Clean Energy Is Just Smart Business for Leaders like Apple and Google

Apple and Google have changed our lives forever, both because of their technological innovations and sheer size as global corporations. Now, they’re aiming to reshape the energy landscape...

Jorge Madrid - February 24, 2015

Let’s Talk About Solar Power and Equity

We need to have “the talk” about solar power and equity, because ignoring uncomfortable questions will invite misinformation and bad decisions. We need an informed dialogue about how...

Greg Andeck - February 23, 2015

Duke University Documents Widespread Benefits of North Carolina’s Solar Economy

North Carolina’s number-one ranking in the Southeast for solar energy investment confirms the state is a national leader in attracting clean energy companies and creating jobs. But...

Pamela Cargill - February 20, 2015

Will Solar Plunge Off the Tax Credit Cliff?

The Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) is set to expire at the end of 2016 — and if it does, residential solar may be in trouble. “The ITC is the swing factor for homeowners — the...

Jim Lane - February 19, 2015

BioBears: Who’s Shorting What in the Advanced Bioenergy Financial Market?

In investing there are the longs and the shorts — while most investors take “long” positions, simply owning stocks and bonds, many traders “go short” when they think the stock is overvalued...

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