Hydropower Press Release

geoAMPS - September 15, 2014

geoAMPS COO invited to speak at Leadership Conference

Oct. 30-31 in Columbus, OH

SunHedge - September 11, 2014

Would You Like Some Free Help?

How About I Just Give You The First Week Of The Course?

SunHedge - September 10, 2014

Grand Opening- Contractor Business Academy

Why most businesses don't share this with anyone. And how you can get access to it.

geoAMPS - September 09, 2014

geoAMPS team participates in Ice Bucket Challenge

Eighteen team members accept the Challenge

SunHedge - September 08, 2014

How Vivint Solars IPO Announcement And Your Business Goals Might Be The Same

As you might have heard, Vivint Solar, a wholly owned entity of the Blackstone Group, filed their S-1 recently. The similarities to your business are very interesting and you can model...

SunHedge - September 03, 2014

True or False? Can Your Business Run When You're Not There?

94% of businesses I talk to believe that they can.

SunHedge - September 01, 2014

Kids Heading Back To School, But Are You?

For most of the population, school is about to kick into high gear. This means a shift from the summer schedule and back into a routine.

Non-Hydropower Renewables Generation to Surpass Hydropower in 2014

The latest “Short-Term Energy Outlook” – issued this month by the U.S. Energy Information Administration – predicts that for all of 2014 the generation of electricity and heat from...

SunHedge - August 28, 2014

The Wolf Of Wall Street And You

Have you seen the movie- The Wolf of Wall Street, played by Leonardo DiCaprio? Or know the guy- Jordan Belfort?

SunHedge - August 28, 2014

The Blueprint Of Your Future

Where do you see your life in 3 months? How about 1 year?

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