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Hydropower Opinion & Commentary

Tom Konrad - March 03, 2015

Ten Clean Energy Stocks For 2015: A Fine February

After a rough start to the year, My Ten Clean Energy Stocks for 2015 posted a strong recovery in February.

Peter Sopher - February 25, 2015

Clean Energy Is Just Smart Business for Leaders like Apple and Google

Apple and Google have changed our lives forever, both because of their technological innovations and sheer size as global corporations. Now, they’re aiming to reshape the energy landscape...

Peter Lehner - February 17, 2015

Protecting Workers and Communities During the Clean Energy Transition

When I worked at the New York Attorney General's Office, we sued coal-fired power plants because their air pollution was making people sick. But in some towns, I saw that the reliance...

Michael Blauw - February 13, 2015

2015: The Clean Economy’s Watershed Year?

In a crammed Washington conference room last week, speaker after speaker seemed to apologize for their ‘broken record’ talking points as Bloomberg New Energy Finance and the Business...

Dick Munson - February 06, 2015

Broad Coalition Coalesces for Clean Energy Jobs in Illinois

Labor, business, and environmental leaders have formed a unique coalition that will urge Illinois lawmakers to pass new standards for energy efficiency and renewable energy, leading...

Tom Konrad - February 05, 2015

Ten Clean Energy Stocks: A Rocky Start To 2015

2015 got off to a rocky start for both the broad market in general, as well as clean energy.

Clint Wilder - February 05, 2015

Carpe Diem: Low Oil and Gas Prices Could Be a Clean-Energy Opportunity

The recent dramatic plunge in oil and natural gas prices, to their lowest level since the global recession in 2009, has some observers worried about the effect on clean tech. Conventional...

Bloomberg News Editors - January 30, 2015

Seven Reasons Cheap Oil Can't Stop Renewables Now

Oil prices have fallen by more than half since July. Just five years ago, such a plunge in fossil fuels would have put the renewable-energy industry on bankruptcy watch. Today: Meh...

Michael Panfil - January 28, 2015

Demand Response: A Valuable Tool that Can Help California Realize its Clean Energy Potential

A tool only has value if it’s used. For example, you could be the sort of person who’s set a goal of wanting to exercise more. If someone gives you a nifty little Fitbit to help you...

Joel Stronberg - January 27, 2015

Climate Change: The Need for a More Consistent Baseline and Immediate Action

The UN climate conference in Lima set the stage for Paris in 2015. Next year’s accord is to provide a working, albeit not a final, answer to the question: Is it possible to keep global...

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