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Bloomberg News Editors - March 31, 2015

Fix the EU Emissions Trading System, And Carbon Markets Can Be Serious Business

What do the following have in common: New Zealand, South Korea, Switzerland, Kazakhstan, Quebec, Alberta, Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York,...

Jeremy Symons - March 30, 2015

US Vote-a-Rama Reveals Senators’ Environmental Agenda

It’s been a big news day in the U.S. Senate, with Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid announcing he won’t run for another term.

Aaron Kalisher - March 27, 2015

Focus on Digester Health for Efficient Biogas Operations

Turning organic waste, such as manure, food scraps or expired food products into biogas is a modern type of alchemy that uses process-based technologies including an anaerobic digester,...

Robert Sanders - March 26, 2015

Biomass Electricity + Carbon Capture = Carbon-Negative Energy

Generating electricity from biomass, such as urban waste and sustainably sourced forest and crop residues, is one strategy for reducing greenhouse gas emissions because it is carbon-neutral:...

Imran Khan - March 25, 2015

Middle East Turns to Biofuels Amid Rocky Oil Prices and Environmental Awareness

Consumers worldwide are witness to the fluctuations in the fuel prices recently and the Middle East is no exception. Why do fuel prices rise and fall so frequently in a region with...

David Burton - March 23, 2015

Ex-Employees Accuse Ormat of Lying to Receive 1603 Cash Grant Awards

Ormat is a successful developer of geothermal energy projects. Two former employees have brought a lawsuit alleging that Ormat made inaccurate 1603 Cash Grant submissions to obtain...

Philip Killeen - March 20, 2015

Financing Climate-concious Investments in Latin America

Following the conclusion of the United Nations climate negotiations in Lima, Peru, last December, a busy schedule of breakout sessions has begun for Latin American business and political...

Cyrus Reed - March 19, 2015

Texas Senator Seeks to Dismantle What He Helped Create: The Renewable Portfolio Standard

Sen. Troy Fraser (R-Horseshoe Bay) has filed a bill that would eliminate Texas’ Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) – a policy that has catapulted Texas to world leadership in wind energy...

Tom Doyle - March 12, 2015

Market Forces Signal Clean Energy’s Watershed Moment

Business leaders have an important decision to make this year: to continue operating under the status quo or to join the list of successful companies creating a more sustainable future...

Tim Buckley - March 11, 2015

From the Fossil-Fuel Center of the World, A Call for Renewables and Energy Efficiency

In a must-read report released this week on fast-changing energy markets, the National Bank of Abu Dhabi signals a once-in-a-lifetime opening for investors in Middle Eastern renewables...

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