U.S. President Barack Obama says natural gas can be a bridge from coal to a cleaner energy future. Investors are showing it’s more likely a bridge to nowhere.

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Nicolas Zart
June 5, 2014
CNG investments replaces petroleum investment patterns. What we need is a longer term vision to get us through those next three decades. CNG won't cut it and it's pumping much needed renewable money.
Gerry Wootton
June 5, 2014
Currently, NG may be 'sucking investments' from other power generation - renewable and not. It at least has PR on its side having long self-identified as 'clean energy'. If CO2 emission is the only criterion, then NG trumps coal although the gap narrows when all GHG, especially fugitive methane, is considered. However, the potential for NG is not unlimited: constraints include pipeline congestion and cost of new infrastructure, availability and pricing of cooling water and uncertainty of future NG supply and pricing (eventually every boom is followed by a bust). Another emerging issue for NG generation is that industries which formerly relied on coal for process heat at are also riding the wave which could disrupt the current low-price NG market.
Phil Manke
May 31, 2014
Seems the politicians do not really like the people they serve, except as a source of votes, and, of course, ultimately, cash. They seem to greatly fear any energy solution that gives any power to the people, like SREC prograsms, even tho that would also net them honorable cash. It's just that they are getting so much of it NOW, from the old baggers. It seems so utterly amazing they can be so short sighted, out of touch, and fearful. And that so many ignorant followers back them when it is not in their best interests. They are easy to spot tho. They rather resort to attack than to practical, verifyable, information. But such is the way of ignorance. It would rather not see truth, tho a freer mind would replace it, it would mean change, which is scary to the mind apart, that sees itself at war.
May 31, 2014
soo....., We get to put a medal on many graves and footnotes for the lives lost or sickened because they were a part of a country and economy that held (their own) award for being the most blinded, selfish, and myopic proffiteers on earth. Huzzah!! Pin an award on the chests of our politicians,........... with a five inch ice pick.
Mike Swayze
May 31, 2014
Fracking coal mines would make more sense(pipeline versus trucks kind of thing). Not sure it will matter with 200GT of ocean clathrate as an estimate. In NC the shale/rock is what separates the main aquafer from the upper water basin areas-almost all of the fracking areas are water basins here.
The coal companies hafta rebuild the mountains they tear down now, just shorter usually. A lot of mile deep mines (that would work well as thermal updraft towers for a 'cleaner' future ) that are already dug. truck fuel costs alone would probably make up the difference of pipeline costs...
500mw Coal plant in Russel County (?)Va is one of the newer very very clean ones. Solar would make a nice future when the coal is gone...
Brian Donovan
May 31, 2014
Fracking out fresh water is insane. All wells eventually leak. Deep fracking wells create a conduit from the heavy metal contaminated to the near surface drinking water aquifers. Not we have punches millions of hole in that system, Don't worry, they were done by independent contractors!

Fracking tech was developed on the taxpayers dollars,, and still gets more gov breaks and protection from liability than solar wind or waste to fuels.

We have sold our fresh water for a few years of gas. how stupid are we?

Without subsidies breaks and protection, electricity prices would
be: rooftop solar Power: 3-6 cents/KWH
Wind Power: 6-7 cents/kWh
Nuclear Power: 11-20+ cents/kWh
Coal Power: 9-32+ cents/kWh
solar 2.3, wind 12B, ethanol 17B, 70B fossils. nukes 120B$

Obama is corporatist. He even told us.

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