Oracle Corp. Chief Executive Officer Larry Ellison plans to build one to power the Hawaiian island he bought last year. EBay Inc. has one to run a data center. The University of California at San Diego and the federal government have invested tens of millions of dollars in the technology.

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Dennis Heidner
October 28, 2013

RWE announced plans to change their business model; moving away from centralized generation to transmission and helping roll out distributed decentralized generation.

And then there are the CHP installations in the rocky mountain region (who would of thought), that accounts for about 174MW.

And then there all the oil refineries in Texas that use CHP in their own "microgrids" to keep the plants running...

No wonder the investor owned utilities are worried, demand for product is flat or dropping, major customers (military bases, refineries, universities) are adopting microgrids, residential customers are installing roof top solar, and the residential, commercial and industrial customers are all looking at implementing more energy efficiency improvements.

It is the end of October, Halloween is coming up and the monsters are knocking at the door of the utilities....
Anatoly Arov
October 25, 2013
My offer to Larry Ellison - support my development and get my first 1GW microgrid system free plus funds you spent to support development and testing back.
I have developed device that converts deep water pressure (actually gravitation energy natural storage) into device shaft rotary motion and, when coupled with generator, produces base load electric power. This is true alternative energy (means fossil fuel free and also subsidy free).
Islands and ocean shore communities will be happy if you do this.
Gerry Wootton
October 24, 2013
"In California, epicenter of the rooftop solar revolution, utility executives have begun to complain to regulators that microgrid operators who remain tied to power lines should shoulder some of the costs of keeping the grid stable, perhaps through connection fees." Really? They are already doing their bit for grid stability by taking a lot of their variable load and more importantly their peak load off of the grid. One can already calculate that their connection charges for distributed generation are much higher than what they obtain for distribution of other sources. The real problem is that distributed generation and now distributed distribution are real competition in a formerly uncompetitive / monopolistic market.
October 23, 2013
Since when is Gen110 a "microgrid" provider? Looking at their website, and from what I know of them in the field, they just another residential solar installer with a lease or PPA option... big deal. They don't do anything different than SolarCity, Sungevity, Vivant, etc, etc. and their reputation is not great. They are a 2nd rate solar company that just got bought up by another 2nd rate solar company. I don't think the writers really did their research for this article.
Keith Kropf
October 22, 2013
Microgrids - you and your neighbors forming and owning an electric system, that you own and operate jointly. All benefits and expenses are shared by those who participate in the mircogrid. Sounds like an electric cooperative!
A. G. Gelbert
October 22, 2013
The sooner the utilities, unless they are state owned like in Nebraska, are priced out of the energy market, the better.

WHY? Because the utilities should never have been privatized in the first place. Most of the infrastructure for utilities, including super cheap give-away land right of ways and access to cheap financing and former government property during the first half of the 20th century was funded by WE-THE-PEOPLE and then the utilities became "private", ensuring a select few "investors", who had NOT footed the LION'S SHARE of the costs to build up the utility, proceeded to corner all the utility energy profits.

If you sell I-pods, that's a great business model but if you "sell" something that belongs to the commons, that is wrong.

Utilities should be returned to the commons, where they belong, or be eaten alive by the predatory corporations out there that the utilities have WRONGLY always sought to emulate.

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