Chevron Corp. helped write the first-in-the-nation rule ordering reduced carbon emissions from cars and trucks. Its biofuels chief spoke at the ceremony where California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed the executive order in 2007, the same year the oil company pledged to develop a gasoline replacement from wood.

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Fred Linn
May 8, 2013
-------""The best outcome for the oil companies is if nothing changes," said Bryan, who left Chevron in 2010 after 15 years. "You can make money today making advanced biofuels -- you just won't make as much money as the oil companies would like.""-----------

Business as usual.
terry badger
April 26, 2013
As usual it is greed that kills everything. When did it happen that 5% return was too small of a return? i bet there are plenty of people who would appreciate a nice steady 5% interest on their pension or savings.

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