You just bought a large-scale solar array. The performance expectations you have for your new array, like a new car, are high. Just like the information on the window sticker that claims great gas mileage, your solar array comes with a forecast of how many MWh it should produce over its lifespan. This information is critical to your financing strategy, since this energy forecast and the cash flow it generates, are the basis for justifying the investment and the promises to your financial backers. However, how do you know that you got what you paid for? How will you know if it starts underperforming and what will you do to restore and maintain peak performance?

STILL TO COME — How will these new technologies be used to diagnose array impairments with an unprecedented level of accuracy and specificity? — Deployment options for performance optimization technologies can scale to bring "intelligence" to the performance and financial management of the world's largest PV arrays.