The team behind a new solar heating plant recently unveiled in Arizona expects the performance not only to be "sensationally high," but that this may turn out to be the solar array with the best output worldwide. The plant provides industrial process hot water -- a sector that could be set to grow very rapidly.

FACTBOX How many m2 of collector area are installed? 85 collectors at 10.5 m2 (113 ft2 each) = collector area of 892.5 m2 (9605 ft2) Which type of collector was installed? Gluatmugl GS 10.5 m2 flat plate collectors Size of the tanks? Buffer tank = 37.9 m2 (10,000 gal. U.S.) Type of control system? As with all SOLID installations, the visualization system allows access via an internet connection which is an important factor for system optimization and support.