As global demand for renewable energy increases, leaders of the renewable marketplace are competing for professional talent in a tight employment market. Right now, some firms have as many as 10-15 job openings, a sure sign that the search for talent is a difficult one to say the least. The demand for top talent obviously extends beyond the renewable industry. For over a decade, the high-tech, medical and financial services industries, to name a few, have dealt with significant challenges in attracting and retaining top talent. The rapid growth of the renewable energy industry today coupled with continuous talent shortages and increased employee turnover, means that firms must develop creative talent acquisition strategies and ramp up activities pertaining to all levels of recruitment.

"Fundamentally, I looked at the [biofuel] landscape; saw a torch on the ground and no one picking it up. The deeper I get into it, I find this to be the most satisfying and rewarding profession I have ever had." -- Sean O'Hanlon, President, American Biofuels Council