There has been a buzz in the air lately. It's the sound of U.S.-based Citizenre, a new multi-level marketing machine targeting solar power. Their plan? Build "the world's largest" solar cell and module manufacturing plant with the stated intention to install 100,000 residential systems annually. Their pitch? You can have solar electric power for the same price that you currently pay for electricity. Sign up now and they will do the installation in September as long as your state offers net metering.

Editors Note: There has been a lot of solar industry and Internet chatter recently concerning a company new to solar called Citizenre. It's touting a "new" approach to bringing solar to the masses via an old-style multi-level marketing sales approach (a.k.a. network marketing) similar to that which made Amway early adopters wealthy in the 1960s-70s. While such sales practices give many consumers -- and certainly solar companies with vested interests -- cause for skepticism, perhaps of more concern are claims by the company and its rapidly proliferating "downline distributor" websites to establish a vertically-integrated 500 megawatt solar PV production facility by September '07 and install solar on 100,000 homes annually -- the same number of installations that Germany's highly-tuned, efficient solar infrastructure installed in 2006. groSolar's Jeff Wolfe has been tracking the Citizenre debate, the opinions expressed in this article are his own. Be sure to add your comments following this RE Insider.