New construction on a $200 million commercial scale bio-refinery, designed to use advanced corn fractionation and lignocellulosic conversion technologies to produce ethanol from corn fiber and corn stover, is slated to begin early next year. Once completed in 2009, Voyager Ethanol in Emmetsburg, Iowa, will reportedly turn out 11 percent more ethanol from one bushel of corn -- and 27 percent more ethanol from an acre of corn -- while using 83 percent less energy than a traditional corn-to-ethanol plant.

"This plant represents exactly the kind of advancement in the alternative fuels industry that I will make the focus of our economic development efforts. This facility will mean new jobs and millions of dollars for Iowa's economy. In my administration, as the renewable energy economy continues to grow rapidly, we will continue the progress we have made in attracting firms like the Broin Companies to Iowa to create more opportunities." -- Chet Culver, Iowa Governor-Elect