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Wind Technology Magazine Article Archives

Tildy Bayar - June 11, 2013

Service Lifts Take Wind Industry Higher

Nacelle access solutions such as ladders and climb-assist technologies have been in place since there have been wind turbines, but as turbines get taller, service lifts (SLs) are becoming...

- April 10, 2013

Cost Modeling for Offshore Wind Operations and Maintenance

Several European countries have defined targets to install and operate offshore wind energy as part of their renewable energy goals. According to these targets, more than 40 GW offshore...

- April 08, 2013

Virtual Training, Real Savings: Providing Instruction at Less Cost

Companies in the global energy industry are under intense pressure from all directions. Growth in power demand must always be met and compliance with increasingly stringent health,...

- April 04, 2013

Getting More from Wind Turbines with Condition Monitoring Systems

Wind turbine downtime is particularly costly during winter, for two reasons. First, November to April is the period over which most such plants around the world produce around two thirds...

- January 10, 2013

Determining Wind Turbine Reliability: Test, Test, then Test Again

Reliability is the key attribute of a turbine today, particularly offshore. There are many other important measures of wind turbine performance, notably the cost per unit of electricity...

- December 25, 2012

Can Fibre Optic Monitoring Cut Wind Energy O&M Costs?

Condition based maintenance is increasingly used to curb wind turbine operation and maintenance (O&M) costs, especially at offshore sites where visits are prohibitively expensive. Replacing...

- December 24, 2012

Tips for Offshore Wind Corrosion Protection

Corrosion protection is always the last step during a production process. When a job is behind schedule, there is often pressure on the paint shop to make up for lost time by hastening...

- December 12, 2012

Sweep-Twist Design Offers Higher Output at Lower Load

Wind turbine blades' basic physics and economics are relatively simple. For one, their power output is roughly proportional to the square of blade length. This relationship pushes designers...

- October 05, 2012

Wind Turbine Cabling Shapes Up

One element that plays a vital role in delivering the energy generated by wind farms is cable. Wind turbines – nacelle, tower and base – comprise a variety of approximately 50 – 100...

- October 05, 2012

Which Wind Turbine Generator Will Win?

As ever in turbine design, generator selection is inextricably linked to many other design decisions: the drivetrain speed, the main bearing arrangement, the nacelle structure and top...

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