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Tildy Bayar - June 25, 2012

PV Inverter Market Poised to Pick Up

According to IMS Research's latest annual market report, The World Market for PV Inverters, the global PV inverter market is predicted to grow by 23% in 2012 to reach almost 32 GW....

- June 22, 2012

Solar Software Challenge: Making Solar Databases Accessible

The market for software for the renewable energy industry has expanded dramatically during the past 20 years. These days it's not good enough to build a power plant in a sunny part...

Elisa Wood - June 20, 2012

Solar in New York: Its Strategy to Make Solar Shine

New York is home to Wall Street, Broadway, and arguably the best pizza in America. It can do so much so well. Why not large-scale solar?

The Interview: Improving Solar's Image

REW interviewed Charles Kim, president of Hanwha SolarOne, for his insight on how solar can outshine its competitors.

- June 15, 2012

Solar Winter Output Assessment: Measuring Snow-related Losses

Historically, PV modules installed in snowy climates have been part of small, off-grid arrays mounted at very steep tilt angles. This is done both to shed snow quickly and to maximise...

- April 26, 2012

US Solar Heads East

New capacity also increasingly comes as centralised projects rather than distributed PV — another major structural change for U.S. utilities.

- April 10, 2012

Thailand Joins the Solar Fast Lane

Economic renewable energy development typically requires that countries exploit their natural renewable resources with subsidies reducing in line with technology costs and market maturity....

- April 04, 2012

The PV Industry Tackles Solar Theft

Solar power has many devotees: manufacturers, investors, green energy enthusiasts... and thieves. Criminal gangs are increasingly targeting the valuable PV panels, cabling and other...

Robin Yapp - April 03, 2012

PV Powers the World Cup in Brazil

Brazil is to host the World Cup in June and July 2014, when the most successful international soccer team in history will attempt to win the competition for a record sixth time — and...

- March 30, 2012

Improving Productivity in Solar Module Manufacturing

The photovoltaic (PV) industry is expected to grow exponentially over the next five years with market experts anticipating the global market to more than double in size by 2014. While...

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