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Meg Cichon - June 13, 2013

Solar Tracking Systems Gain Ground

It sounds obvious: put solar panels on a movable mount to follow the sun and catch as much sunlight as possible. But applying solar trackers to a project is not clear cut. Developers...

Tildy Bayar - June 03, 2013

Developing South American Solar: Playing the Long Game

After securing a US$41.4 million loan from the Inter-American Development Bank in March, Spanish project developer Solarpack began construction on its 25.5 MW Pozo Almonte solar plant...

- April 15, 2013

The Rise of Utility-scale Solar

We are familiar with the inexorable and welcome march of solar panels across our rooftops, but many might be surprised that utility-scale power plants are now the fastest-growing application...

David Appleyard - April 08, 2013

Tracking the Price of U.S. Grid-connected PV

As the deployment of grid-connected solar photovoltaic (PV) systems has increased, so too has the desire to track the installed price of these systems over time and by location, customer...

- October 03, 2012

A Business Case for Solar

Vaughn K Buntain, managing director of RE Solutions and matchmaker between investors and project managers of large-scale solar plants, believes that 'suppliers to the solar industry...

Elisa Wood - October 01, 2012

Gardens That Grow Gigawatts

Like so many people, Joy Hughes wanted to do something for the victims of the July 2012 mass shooting in a movie theatre in Aurora, Colorado in the US. But while others held vigils...

- September 25, 2012

Is Timeshifting PV's Post-Incentive Future?

Timeshifting. The ability to store something for consumption at a more convenient time. Great for watching your favourite television shows. Ideal for solar PV, too, but sadly we are...

Piers Evans - September 21, 2012

Car Manufacturers Seek a Solar Boost

Like the rest of us, advocates for renewables can fail to spot their true friends. Fans of the recent blockbuster Avatar might imagine that ecosystems get rescued by dreadlocked tree-huggers...

- September 19, 2012

News in Brief

David Appleyard - September 19, 2012

Prospects for Further Utility-Scale Solar Cost Reductions

An average installed price of US$4.71/W has been reported for utility-scale solar PV projects for 2010, according to recent analysis from the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)...

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