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Renewable Energy World Magazine Article Archives

- October 09, 2014

Food For Watts: Turning Post-consumer Food Waste into Renewable Energy

Since its inception nearly a decade ago, Essential Consulting Oregon, LLC (EC Oregon) has built up an impressive résumé when it comes to the planning and implementation of U.S. biogas...

Sherelle Jacobs - October 08, 2014

Electrifying Keyna: How One African Country is Approaching Renewable Energy Development

Kenya’s renewable energy ambitions have attracted growing attention in recent months. There has been a strong uptick in interest in the country’s wind energy potential in particular....

Elisa Wood - October 07, 2014

The Big and Booming Business of Keeping Wind Turbines Spinning

If you build it, they will come – ‘they’ being all of those who will keep what you built working properly. And for the wind industry, they have arrived, the many companies emerging...

Vince Font - October 06, 2014

Hydropower Financing Gets a Boost from the US Department of Energy

At 3.79 million square miles, the United States is the fourth largest country in the world by total area. Scattered throughout that vast landscape are some 80,000 non-powered dams that,...

Paul Hockenos - October 02, 2014

Is Distributed Energy Storage the Energiewende’s Missing Link?

For years, critics of the Energiewende, Germany’s clean-energy transition, have carped that the country’s power system cannot be based on intermittent generation sources — namely onshore...

Meg Cichon - September 25, 2014

China Turns to Geothermal Energy To Tackle Carbon Emissions

The UN has amplified its warning about carbon emissions as of late, stating that climate change is indeed real, and may very well be irreversible if countries do not act now. Since...

David Appleyard - September 23, 2014

Intelligent Inverters Stealing the Show

As markets for solar PV inverters become more competitive, manufacturers are being forced to adapt in a bid to maintain revenues or hold market share. This is a trend that has been...

Jennifer Runyon - August 12, 2014

Killing Two Birds with One Stone: Nigeria Piloting Waste-To-Energy Power Plant

A unique program in Nigeria, a country located on the southwest coast of Africa by the Gulf of Guinea, seeks to solve two pressing problems with one solution. The country needs power,...

Paul Bundschuh - July 23, 2014

“Mom, My School Bus Is a Peaking Power Plant” and Other Things We Didn’t Say When We Were Kids

It is amazing that we get to see things we never thought were possible within our lifetime. The smartphone is a great example — who could imagine that we’d have technology more advanced...

Jennifer Runyon - July 22, 2014

Keeping Up with Energy Storage

Solar and energy storage are a match made in heaven and a new report from the Solar Electric Power Association, “Electric Utilities, Energy Storage, Solar: Trends in Technologies, Applications...

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