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Renewable Energy World Magazine Article Archives

Renewable Energy World Editors - January 05, 2015

The Big Question: What Do the Proposed EPA Regulations Mean for the Energy Industry?

In June, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed a rule to restrict the amount of carbon dioxide released from power plants. The rule calls for reducing carbon 30 percent...

Renewable Energy World Editors - December 24, 2014

The Project: Manzana Wind Power Project Creates Renewable Energy and Local Jobs

In the wind-rich Tehachapi area near the town of Rosamond, California the 189-MW Manazana Wind Power Project, developed by Iberdrola Renewbles, generates electricity and sells it to...

Renewable Energy World Editors - December 23, 2014

The Project: POET's Project Liberty

In September, POET-DSM Advanced Biofuels, a joint venture of Royal DSM and POET LLC proved that its technology that converts agricultural residue into renewable fuel is viable during...

Meg Cichon - December 15, 2014

The Dream Becomes Real: Touring the Newberry Enhanced Geothermal Site

On a crisp fall day in late-September, three white vans crept up a winding Oregon dirt road lined with thick forestry. The pitted, unwelcoming path made for a rough ride — a likely...

David Appleyard - December 12, 2014

Powering Up Turkey with Hydropower

With its dependence on imported fuels and electricity demand growth topping 7 percent per year, Turkey is increasingly turning to development of its domestic resources to meet demand....

Jennifer Runyon - December 11, 2014

Flying on Green Energy

The global aviation industry has committed to aggressive goals to reduce its GHG emissions, including achieving carbon neutral growth by 2020 and reducing emissions by 50 percent by...

Charles Thurston - December 10, 2014

How Fast Can You Rack?

Solar racking companies battled it out on the floor of Solar Power International (SPI) in late October, demonstrating new system improvements to shave critical minutes off installation...

Roy Hales - December 09, 2014

While Germany Explores Energy Storage Technologies at Breakneck Speeds, The US Isn’t Far Behind

The U.S. is surging ahead in terms of adopting battery storage. In 2013-2014, U.S. companies installed, or were in the process of installing more than 300 MW of energy storage capacity....

- October 09, 2014

Food For Watts: Turning Post-consumer Food Waste into Renewable Energy

Since its inception nearly a decade ago, Essential Consulting Oregon, LLC (EC Oregon) has built up an impressive résumé when it comes to the planning and implementation of U.S. biogas...

Sherelle Jacobs - October 08, 2014

Electrifying Keyna: How One African Country is Approaching Renewable Energy Development

Kenya’s renewable energy ambitions have attracted growing attention in recent months. There has been a strong uptick in interest in the country’s wind energy potential in particular....

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