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Bruce Dorminey - July 10, 2013

Are Beer and Cigarettes the New Bioenergy?

Don Draper and fellow “Mad Men” would likely be horrified, but alcohol and tobacco — long joined at the hip by chain smokers and heavy drinkers — are countering the U.S.’ current aversion...

Jennifer Runyon - July 05, 2013

Could Utility-Scale Solar Financing with Bonds Be the New Normal?

In late April, concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) manufacturer and solar project developer Soitec announced that it had finalised a bond that will be used to finance a portion of its 44...

Jennifer Runyon - June 24, 2013

From Debt Equity to Tax Equity: How To Entice New U.S. Solar Investors

At this year's PV America conference, Jennifer Runyon spoke with Conor McKenna from Reznick Capital Market Securities, Tim Short, Capital Dynamics and Laura Jones of Hunton and Williams....

Tildy Bayar - June 14, 2013

Trendspotting in Renewables Investment: Who Is (and Who Isn't) Investing, and Why?

Investment in renewable energy is changing, with those who were once the backbone of the market pulling out and new entrants increasingly taking up the slack.

James Montgomery - June 12, 2013

New PV Module Encapsulation Materials Led By New Cell Types

Solar photovoltaic (PV) technology is a recipe of highly engineered materials and components, sandwiched with specific functions and working together to harness sunlight and convert...

Fran Witt - June 11, 2013

Renewable Power Bridging the Digital Divide in Off-grid Africa

We all know that wind energy can light homes and businesses, but how about powering "entrepreneurial spirit'" through education and information access?

Rachana Raizada - June 10, 2013

Corruption Hit as Italy Cleans Up Wind Sector

In the old days armed gangsters threatened you with violence or worse if you didn't do their bidding. But in the modern world mobsters brandish environmental impact assessments or power...

- June 10, 2013

Wave and Tidal Energy Need Different Policies

Throughout the 2000s, the emerging wave and tidal stream energy industries operated as a unit. Together they embarked on the journey across the "valley of death" towards commercial...

Meg Cichon - June 07, 2013

Solar CHP Innovations Offer Efficiency Kick, Future Energy Storage Options

In late April IBM announced a new partnership with Airlight energy, ETH Zurich and Interstate University of Applied Sciences Buchs NTV. The group won a US$2.4 million grant from the...

Tildy Bayar - June 06, 2013

Major Markets Continue To Determine Wind's Path

Although its forecast for 2013 involves a "much more significant drop" in the global wind market than last year's prediction, downgrading from its advanced to its moderate scenario,...

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