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Renewable Energy World Magazine Article Archives

James Montgomery - December 23, 2013

Microinverters Moving Into Commercial-Scale Solar: When Will It Happen?

Back in mid-August, Vine Fresh Produce in Ontario unveiled a 2.3-MW solar rooftop array on its greenhouse, the largest commercial rooftop project under the province's feed-in tariff...

David Appleyard - December 12, 2013

Hydropower Renaissance Signals Investment Surge

According to the World Energy Council’s latest World Energy Resources (WER) report, hydropower already provides a substantial proportion of energy worldwide, contributing approximately...

David Appleyard - December 09, 2013

Lush Grass Becomes Lush Green for UK Biogas Project

Deep in the gently rolling Mendip Hills of Somerset, in the southwest of England, nestles a dairy farm with 150 years of cheese making heritage. It lies only a few miles from the site...

Meg Cichon - November 12, 2013

Global Excellence: Project of the Year Award Winners Announced

From electrifying remote villages in India to tackling landfill waste in California, this year’s Project of the Year Award winners represent the ever-shifting global renewable energy...

Meg Cichon - October 22, 2013

An Open Frontier: The Untapped Potential of South American Geothermal

The ring of fire is a geologic region that extends in a horseshoe shape from the bottom tip of South America, up along the Pacific coast through North America, and looping back through...

Renewable Energy World Editors - October 17, 2013

The Big Question: Can Countries Reach 100 Percent Renewable Energy?

Several countries, including Scotland and the Philippines, have recently announced impressive plans to obtain all of their power from renewable energy. With many countries setting their...

Meg Cichon - October 16, 2013

Ocean Energy Technologies Speeding Towards Commercialization

The ocean energy sector has been steadily creeping towards commercial reality year after year, with technology test deployments taking place worldwide. After all, the ocean energy market...

James Montgomery - October 15, 2013

The Air Up There: Wind Energy Remote Sensing Gains Ground

Five years ago, First Wind's in-house meteorological team zeroed in on a couple of new potential wind farm areas in Maine that were different: moderate-elevation plateaus instead of...

Jennifer Runyon - October 08, 2013

Solar PV Module Quality Concerns Still Exist for Developing World

For the global solar photovoltaic industry, it is not a question of whether poor-quality or lesser-quality PV modules are making their way into the marketplace. They are. The more relevant...

David Appleyard - October 07, 2013

Floating Offshore Wind Power Taking Hold

Acknowledged as the leading nation in terms of offshore wind development, while it has failed to capitalize on opportunities for leadership in turbines, the UK has made efforts to avoid...

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