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Matthew Slavin - April 15, 2011

No Grid, No Gain: Untangling the Transmission Tie-up

Great strides have been made in enacting state renewable energy standards (RES) in the United States, which significantly affect the urgency of developing new renewable energy facilities....

- April 14, 2011

Sunrises on Rooftops

In the Doney Park area of Flagstaff, Arizona Public Service (APS) is transforming rooftops into what in essence will be an interconnected renewable power plant.

David Wagman - April 13, 2011

Editor's Letter: After Japan

In the first moments after the earthquake, it appears that reactors across Japan successfully saw control rods inserted into their cores. Here the technology worked well. It was after...

- April 12, 2011

Financial Trends: The IPO Myth

Ask the CEO of any leading emerging private cleantech company what their ultimate end-goal is and you'll often get a similar response: "To IPO the business, of course." For many entrepreneurs...

David Wagman - April 12, 2011

Morgan Solar Rethinks Concentrating PV

Take a family that includes a brother best described as a Swiss Army Knife-type of engineer, a second brother who spent two years at a Web 2.0 startup in Spain and an angel investor...

- February 18, 2011

Patent Enforcement at the International Trade Commission: Is It Worth It?

A lot of press has been generated over the past year regarding a dispute between General Electric (GE) and Mitsubishi. In 2008, GE filed suit at the International Trade Commission (ITC)...

David Wagman - January 10, 2011

Market Update: Renewable Energy Executive Roundtable

The renewable energy industry faces what could be a defining moment in its evolution due to the recent recession and growing talk on Capitol Hill to reduce or end incentives. However,...

Russell Ray - January 03, 2011

2011 Hydropower Outlook

One of the largest deployments of new hydropower generation in the U.S. is well underway and is expected to move much closer to commercial production in 2011.

Lindsay Morris - December 27, 2010

2011 Solar Outlook

Solar CEOs gathered at Solar Power International in October were resolute on one matter: the industry will thrive when a National Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard is in place, combined...

- December 24, 2010

Managing Biosolids and Generating Green Energy

Ventura County, Calif., produces approximately 8,000 tons of biosolids per month. Prior to this project, 90 percent was trucked out of the county for disposal, primarily to Kern County,...

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