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Jennifer Runyon - July 01, 2011

Zeroing In on Zero: Google's Foray into Utility-land

Cutting-edge search giant Google doesn't greenwash when it comes to sustainability. The company has invested billions of dollars in clean energy developments through renewable energy...

Robert Crowe - June 22, 2011

EGS Could Play Major Role in Low-carbon Economy

The case for a low-carbon economy grows stronger with each new extreme weather event that threatens the global food supply.

Jennifer Runyon - June 16, 2011

Large-scale Solar: How Big Is Too Big?

Huge solar farms are an increasingly hot topic nowadays. Companies like Brightsource, Abengoa, Solar Millennium and NextEra are planning giant projects in the U.S. Abengoa has its 280-MW...

Meg Cichon - June 14, 2011

Can the Utility and Consumer Collaborate To Solve the Peak Problem?

For years, experts have warned that our current grid network will not be able to withstand the demand of our expanding digital culture and growing renewable technology. According to...

Ucilia Wang - June 06, 2011

The Rise of Concentrating Solar Thermal Power

With big government help, a solar thermal power (CSP) technology boom seems to be coming in the United States. Regulators have issued permits for about a dozen power plant projects...

ivan castano - June 02, 2011

Mexico Advances Renewable Goals But "Much More" Could Be Done

Mexico is on track to elevate its renewable power capacity to 5,700 MW or 7.5% of its energy matrix by 2017 but that is a drop in the bucket when considering the Aztec country's clean...

- June 01, 2011

Cross-industry Project Management Practices

Growth in power generation from renewable energy sources is being driven by climate change concerns and the resulting public agenda. With the United States importing around 60 percent...

William Strauss - May 26, 2011

How Manomet Got It Backwards: Challenging the "Debt-then-dividend" Axiom

This short article challenges the assumption that there is always a carbon debt incurred first and then a carbon dividend realized later (debt-then-dividend) when using woody biomass...

- May 24, 2011

Fishing for Evidence: Identifying How Marine and Hydrokinetic Devices Affect Aquatic Environments

A relatively new generation of waterpower technologies, broadly categorized as "marine and hydrokinetic" (MHK) energy systems, offers the possibility of generating electricity from...

David Wagman - May 20, 2011

Geothermal Assesses Its Potential

The annual report counts 15 states with projects currently under consideration or development: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada,...

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