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Steve Leone - December 14, 2011

Solar PV Outlook 2012: The Race To Go Mainstream

As the solar photovoltaic (PV) industry races to get bigger, its ability to make the technology smaller - and in some cases transparent - may be what ultimately gives it broader consumer...

Meg Cichon - December 13, 2011

Policy Outlook 2012: Don't Expect Much From Washington

Political turmoil has enveloped 2011, and it is expected to set the scene for the coming year. The late-August Solyndra bankruptcy news cast a dark mark on the Department of Energy...

Robert Crowe - December 12, 2011

Biomass Industry Outlook 2012: Cautiously Optimistic

The long-awaited construction of four major biomass plants will make 2012 pivotal in the expansion of the wood-fired power industry in North America. Coal-to-biomass plant conversions...

Jennifer Runyon - December 09, 2011

Finance Outlook 2012: Can Projects Move Ahead In This Difficult Economic Environment?

For the past two years, the North American renewable energy industry was able to take advantage of a powerful financial vehicle, namely the 1603 Grant in Lieu of Tax Credit that was...

Lindsay Morris - December 08, 2011

Wind Energy Outlook 2012: An Uncertain Forecast

Onshore wind power is in a good place, at least through the end of 2012. Wind power has made up 35 percent of all new generating capacity added to the U.S. grid since 2007. That's twice...

Sharryn Dotson - December 06, 2011

The Interview: How SolarCity Is Moving Forward

Aaron Gillmore, vice president of development with SolarCity, talks about the company's solar lease program, plans to power military homes across the U.S. and why the company was unable...

Steve Leone - October 21, 2011

Renewable Energy Development: Smaller Projects That Think Big

As renewable energy continues to carve out a bigger stake in markets across North America, it often straddles the line between new ideas and accepted practices. While large developments...

- October 20, 2011

The Biomass Carbon Debate: When To Start Counting?

In June 2010, the Manomet Center for Conservation Sciences released the results of a study on burning woody biomass for energy in Massachusetts.

Steve Leone - October 20, 2011

Uncle Sam Wants....Renewable Energy?

It's the middle of October, and the solar industry is on life support. Evergreen has died. SpectraWatt is buried. And Solyndra's eulogy has made mention of the black plague of federal...

David Wagman - October 19, 2011

Electric Vehicle Envy

Much of the buzz around electric vehicles has focused on automobiles, including the launch of production plug-in vehicles by Nissan and General Motors in December 2010. These vehicles...

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