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- November 14, 2012

Jordan Small Hydro: Innovations Reinvent Aging Dam to Produce Power

Innovative engineering and design is turning a 30-year-old flood storage dam into a hydroelectric power producer at Jordan Dam.

- September 07, 2012

Merrimack Village Dam: The Impact of Removing a Dam in New Hampshire

Post-dam removal monitoring is ongoing to identify the impacts of removing Merrimack Village Dam in New Hampshire. The dam was removed to restore diadromous fish habitat, improve water...

- July 24, 2012

Project Spotlight: Developing the 7.5-MW Youngs Creek Hydro Plant in Washington State

Successful completion of the 7.5-MW Youngs Creek project in Washington State shows it is possible to develop new small hydro facilities that are both cost-effective and meet high environmental...

- June 19, 2012

Bearing at Holtwood Hydro Plant Operates for 100 Years

In April 2012, Kingsbury Inc. and PPL Holtwood, owner of the 108-MW Holtwood plant on the Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania, celebrated the 100th anniversary of operation of the first...

- May 24, 2012

Utility Success: Interview with Thierry Vandal, President and CEO of Hydro-Quebec

Thierry Vandal, president and chief executive officer of Hydro-Quebec, discusses methods his company uses to provide energy to customers, the differences between operating in Canada...

Elizabeth Ingram - May 07, 2012

Exploring the Reasons behind Dam Removal

For many dams currently being removed in the U.S., the primary reason behind this work is the need to protect fish and restore their habitat. This article provides case studies of the...

- April 02, 2012

Repairing Two Units at the Yelm Hydroelectric Plant

The city of Centralia, Wash., sought a 15- to 20-year maintenance solution in early 2010 for its 12-MW Yelm Hydroelectric Project, a run-of-river facility on the Nisqually River about...

- March 08, 2012

Interview: Claude Lambert of Alstom Hydro North America

Claude Lambert, president and chief executive officer of Alstom Hydro North America, discusses technology, policy and the factors driving the hydropower market.

- February 14, 2012

Ocean/Tidal/Stream Power: Identifying How Marine and Hydrokinetic Devices Affect Aquatic Environments

Significant research is under way to determine the potential environmental effects of marine and hydrokinetic energy systems. This work, being guided and funded by the U.S. Department...

- February 07, 2012

What Happened to Lake Delhi Dam?

Record rainfall, faulty gates and inherent design issues contributed to the July 2010 breach of Iowa's Delhi Dam, investigators found. The overtopping caused the earthen embankment...

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