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Hydro Review's goal is to provide readers with reliable, relevant information on the issues and challenges encountered in the hydro industry. Hydro Review offers practical, useful information, helpful examples, and constructive guidance from experts. The information readers receive helps promote and sustain the important role of hydroelectric power in North America.

Hydro Review magazine covers hydro in North America. News and articles focus on industry trends, equipment, O&M, rehabilitation, redevelopment, dam safety, environmental effects, R&D, and much more!

Editorial Contacts

Marla Barnes
Publisher and Chief Editor
Phone: 918-832-9353

Elizabeth Ingram
Senior Editor
Phone: 816-214-5629

Bob Doucette
Associate Editor
Phone: 918-831-9116

Michael Harris
Online Editor
Phone: 918-832-9363

Sales Contacts

Howard Lutzk
Sales Director, Hydro Review,
HRW and HydroWorld.com

Phone: 913-402-7119

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