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- November 16, 2012

Ramping Rate Restrictions Part 2

George had been following the developments at Rio Seco, having discussed the incident when all parties involved called him for advice shortly after the event. The development comprised...

- November 15, 2012

Water Conditioner Improves Efficiency at Agus 6 and 7 Plants

Scale buildup in the generator cooling systems at the two powerhouses in the Agus 6/7 Hydroelectric Plant Complex forced personnel with plant owner National Power Corporation (NPC)...

- November 14, 2012

Progress on Developing the Saddleworth Hydro Plant

Time is of the essence for the volunteers behind Saddleworth Community Hydro Industrial and Provident Society, which is working to develop a 51 kW hydroelectric plant. They have £343,000...

- November 13, 2012

Simplified Method for Estimating the Cost of Plant Equipment

Under Italian tax law, hydro plant components are included in the assets subject to estate tax. The value for taxation purposes must be declared by the plant owner. Hence, it is necessary...

- November 12, 2012

Developing Bujagali, the Largest Private Sector Investment in Uganda

Together, the 52 countries on the continent of Africa make up about 3% of the global economy. However, according to The Economist, 25 of these countries are expected to see annual average...

David Appleyard - November 10, 2012

Testing and Validation of Hydro Turbine Shaft Seals

Lying in the heart of the UK's Lake District, James Walker's elastomer division is a specialist manufacturer of sealing solutions for static, rotary and reciprocating applications....

- November 08, 2012

Converting an Oil-Lubricated Bearing to Water for Environmental Gains

Hydroelectric turbines operating in remote areas all around the world are producing enormous amounts of clean energy. Nonetheless, a large number of these generating stations have the...

- November 07, 2012

Managing Community Expectations When Developing a Project in Nepal

Local communities are generally positive toward hydropower development but have high expectations of community benefits and returns on the investment in "their" water. In situations...

- November 01, 2012


- November 01, 2012

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