Upsolar, a leading international provider of solar PV modules, today announced a significant step toward expanding its global market share: verification of high performance in coastal and agricultural areas, both popular locations for PV installations. The company earned certification from conformity assessment laboratory Bureau Veritas (BV) LCIE China for demonstrating that its modules – both standard-type and those with the Zep® Solar and SOLRIF® frames – can withstand both the above average levels of salt spray common to coastal regions, and the ammonia exposure prevalent in agricultural environments.

"Our goal is to make quality solar power technology the best choice in a variety of harsh elements found in countries all over the world. This certification represents another step toward achieving that aspiration by assuring customers from coastal and agricultural regions that their installations will not be negatively impacted by everyday conditions," said Zhe Jiang, CEO of Upsolar. "We take great pride in consistently improving the customer experience and will continue to seek product validation from esteemed bodies to help put solar end users at ease."