Stoel Rives LLP Press Releases

- August 19, 2014 Quotes Greg Jenner on New Financing Options for Clean Energy

"We are right at the beginning of what I would describe as an evolutionary process in solar finance."

- August 19, 2014

Wall Street Journal Quotes Jon Wellinghoff on FERC Grid Security Proposal

Jon Wellinghoff was quoted in the Wall Street Journal in an article titled “FERC Finds Flaws in Electric-Grid Security Proposal."

- August 19, 2014

Solar Industry Magazine Quotes Tom Wood on Effect of Supreme Court Decision on CO2 Limits

Partner Tom Wood was quoted in Solar Industry magazine in an article titled “EPA Must Tread Carefully On Greenhouse Gas Rules After Supreme Court Decision.”

- June 26, 2014

Jon Wellinghoff Interviewed about Power Grid Resilience for Utility Security Conference

Partner Jon Wellinghoff was interviewed by a spokesman from the Power Grid Resilience Summit, which brings together top utility executives to share their recommendations for implementation...

- June 03, 2014

North American Windpower Cites Tom Wood on the Implications of EPA's "Clean Power Plan" for Renewable Energy

Stoel Rives partner and environmental lawyer Tom Wood was cited in an article in North American Windpower titled “AWEA: EPA Rules Could Be Third Biggest Driver For Wind Behind PTC And...

- May 29, 2014

The Wall Street Journal Quotes Jon Wellinghoff on DC Circuit Nullification of FERC Energy Saving Rule

Partner Jon Wellinghoff was quoted in The Wall Street Journal in an article titled “Appeals Court Throws Out Energy Saving Rule.” The article discusses the nullification by the D.C....

- May 28, 2014

In Interview, Jon Wellinghoff Tells Utilities it's Time to Rethink Their Business Model

Partner Jon Wellinghoff was interviewed for in an article titled “Wellinghoff to Utilities: Time to rethink your business model.” In the article, Wellinghoff discusses...

- May 09, 2014

Leading Authorities Article by Jon Wellinghoff Discusses Trends in Energy Production and Use

Partner Jon Wellinghoff authored an article in Leading Authorities titled “Reforming the Energy Vision.” The article discusses current trends in energy consumption and the need for...

- May 06, 2014

Windpower Monthly Quotes Greg Jenner on Wind Companies' Interest in IPOs to Raise Low Cost Capital

Partner Greg Jenner was quoted in Windpower Monthly in an article titled “Wind companies ready to brave the capital markets.”

- March 25, 2014

Greenwire Quotes Jon Wellinghoff on Challenges of Utility Approval of Solar-Energy, Battery-Backup, Storage Systems

Partner Jon Wellinghoff was quoted in a Greenwire article titled “Tesla, Solar City’s dream of energy storage in hands of utilities -- for now.” The article discusses the obstacles...

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