Solmetric Corporation Press Releases

- July 02, 2014

NEW Solmetric SunEye Accessory- Extension Kit Platform

Solmetric has released an new version of their SunEye Extension Kit. The new design of this SunEye accessory was developed to give installers greater flexibility. The new Extension...

- March 05, 2014

Solmetric Upgrades PV Analyzer 600v Product Line

The Solmetric PV Analyzer is considered the premier device used during commissioning, auditing, troubleshooting and ongoing O&M.

- September 12, 2013

New Solmetric 1000V I-V Curve Tracer Offers Accuracy, Ruggedness, and High Throughput

Solmetric has introduced a major advance in its line of PV Analyzer I-V curve tracers for use in commissioning, auditing, O&M, and troubleshooting.

- June 11, 2013

Solmetric Honored as ‘Best for the Environment’

Today, Solmetric was named “Best for the Environment” for creating the most overall environmental impact. 63 companies across 30 industries and 11 countries were recognized by the nonprofit...

- April 09, 2013

Solmetric Launches Online Certificate Training Program

Solmetric the industry leader in Shade Analysis Launches state-of-the-art comprehensive online training program around Shade Analysis.

- December 17, 2012

Solmetric Partners with Wind & Sun Ltd in the UK

Solmetric Corporation has partnered with Wind & Sun Ltd to sell and distribute the SunEye in the United Kingdom.

Solmetric Corporation

Solmetric delivers innovative use solar test and measurement equipment. Its product offerings include: the Solmetric SunEye shade analysis tool for fast, professional solar site evaluation; the Solmetric PV Designer software for easy design...