Amidst a housing crisis, an energy crunch, and a fragile economic system people are hunkering down, searching for answers, and in some cases looking to the green building movement for inspiration. One such organization, Solar Energy International (SEI), located in Carbondale, Colorado offers a variety of renewable energy and sustainable building workshops for people pursuing a career and those interested in making improvements to their home.

I would like to tell you and the rest of SEI that this course is a must have for anyone who lives in a house, apartment, or trailer. It gives the basic technical and purchasing resources that anyone can use to improve the insulation, weatherization and energy efficiency of their dwelling. I recommend it to anyone that asks, especially if they haven't bought their own home yet. This course is like the foundation of energy efficiency and green living because you have to achieve an efficient envelope before you should attempt to create your own energy. -- Building for the Future Online participant, 2009