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The New Sunny Boy 240-US Micro Inverter Now Available!

The Sunny Boy 240-US offers industry-leading  96% CEC efficiency, design flexibility, simplicity and module-level optimization, all backed by SMA’s unrivaled bankability and service support. It also features exclusive SMA Multigate- US technology, which...

Sunny Boy 3000TL-US/4000TL-US/5000TL-US

The new Sunny Boy 3000TL-US/4000TL-US/5000TL-US represents the next step in performance for residential inverters. It is so smart, it can do what no other inverter in the world can do: deliver power when the grid goes down without costly batteries. That’s...

Sunny Boy 5000-US/6000-US/7000-US/8000-US

SMA's UL certified classic Sunny Boy is a reliable, efficient solution for residential and small commercial solar installations.

Sunny Central 500CP-US/630CP-US/720CP-US/750CP-US/800CP-US

The Sunny Central CP-US series is a highly efficient utility-scale solution that provides grid management and can be connected with any utility grid.

Sunny Island 4548-US/6048-US

The Sunny Island 4548-US/6048-US advances the performance of off-grid systems, reaching new heights in efficiency and offering 20 percent more power output.

SMA Sunny Design Web

Sunny Design Web is a design software accessible from anywhere, anytime on a computer or mobile device. It is the ideal design solution for solar professionals.

SMA Sunny Portal

SMA Sunny Portal provides a centralized place to monitor energy production of a PV system, providing exceptional data analysis and personalized configuration options

SMA America, LLC

SMA America is the U.S.-based subsidiary of SMA Solar Technology AG, headquartered in Germany, and provides North America with the world’s finest inverter, control and monitoring products for renewable energy sources, primarily solar. SMA...