Renewable Energy Systems (RES), one of the world's leading renewable energy developers and constructors, recently deployed a third Triton Sonic Wind Profiler for wind resource assessment. Since its founding in 1982, RES has been at the forefront of the wind industry and is one of the fastest growing renewable energy companies in the world. RES Americas started in North America in 1997, and since then has either developed and/or built more than 10 percent of the installed wind capacity in the United States.

RES Americas initially deployed a Triton to a site in the Upper Midwest under a short-term rental agreement with Second Wind in late 2009 to validate the system's performance against an adjacent 80 meter met tower and test its field reliability. The Triton passed both tests with flying colors, demonstrating excellent correlation with the tower (a correlation coefficient of 0.99, and average 80m wind speed within 0.2 percent of the 80m anemometers' wind speed).