RussTech Language Services, Inc. Products & Services

Translation Services - From/Into All Major Languages

Written translations of technical, legal, business, and regulatory documentation

Interpreting Services in All Major Language Pairs

Facilitating communication at technical conferences, business meetings, and in other venues when participants are not fluent speakers of one another's native language

Internationalization of Websites and Software Manuals

Making website and software content accessible in languages other than English

Logistical Support

Providing language support and in-country assistance when moving people or products overseas

Negotiation Support and Cultural Awareness Counseling

Educating company representatives on the DOs and DON'Ts of working in a foreign culture; providing a negotiation expert to sit on your side of the table and to guide contract negotiations to a mutually satisfactory conclusion for all parties concerne...

RussTech Language Services, Inc.

RussTech is a full-service language company offering document translations as well as voice interpreting in most of the world’s major languages. We coordinate language services for complex long-term projects and our translation documents...