The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) is very pleased to announce that Synergy Solar and Electrical Systems, Inc of Sebastopol, California has achieved NABCEP Company Accreditation. To earn this accreditation the PV installation company had to undergo a thorough and rigorous application and review process that included the submission of procedures and policies and an independent, third party inspections of previously installed systems. The core elements of NABCEP Company Accreditation include: employment of NABCEP certified installation and technical sales personnel, documented and consistent policies and programs as they relate to the operations of the company, ongoing worker training program(s), and a strong focus on worker safety.

Richard Lawrence, Executive Director of NABCEP, says; "Earning the NABCEP Company Accreditation is a major accomplishment for Synergy Solar and Electrical Systems, Inc. In order to achieve this accreditation they had to demonstrate a company-wide commitment to quality assurance throughout the sales, installation, and after-sale process."