Natural Power's Product Innovation business ZephIR, which provides the industry leading CW lidar system ZephIR 300, has today announced a strategic alignment with remote power specialists Ampair to provide customers with a managed wind data and power service. Despite the very low power requirements of a modern lidar system such as ZephIR, a reliable and easily transported power supply is still important for the remote and harsh locations in which the system is often deployed. The strategic alignment provides ZephIR customers with an integrated and robust renewables power solution taking into consideration likely ZephIR deployment scenarios.

"Our customers are primarily interested in getting highly accurate data with high availability, rather than providing power and support to equipment in remote locations. The option to work with Ampair means our customers don't have to consider the remote powering requirements, ongoing refuelling logistics and costs." Ian Locker, MD of the ZephIR business within Natural Power.