Kipp & Zonen Press Releases

- October 21, 2013

The new CMP10, because Kipp & Zonen knows what makes a sencondary standard pyranometer better

Practice makes perfect, and as a result Kipp & Zonen is launching a new addition to its well-known CMP series of pyranometers. The CMP10 is a secondary standard pyranometer that reduces...

- June 19, 2013

Improved reliability and accuracy with the new CVF4 ventilation unit

Ventilation of radiometers improves the reliability and accuracy of the measurement by reducing dust on the dome, removing dew and rain droplets and melting frost and snow, which would...

- September 18, 2012

Kipp & Zonen launches user friendly mobile website

In response to the increasing number of visits to its website via mobile devices, Kipp & Zonen now launches a user-friendly, mobile-optimised version. All the basic information visitors...

- August 27, 2012

The More Intelligent Way to Measure Direct Solar Irradiance

Following the success of the SMP series of smart pyranometers released last year, Kipp & Zonen is continuing to develop smart instruments. Now, Kipp & Zonen proudly presents the new...

- October 12, 2011

Kipp & Zonen Introduces the Intelligent Pyranometer

Customer feedback, state of the art technology and the expertise of a team of Kipp & Zonen engineers have resulted in a new generation of pyranometers.

- August 03, 2011

Measure Tilted Global and Diffuse Solar Radiation

The position and angle of fixed photovoltaic panels make a big difference to the performance and return on investment of a power plant. The best way for prospecting and performance...

- February 08, 2011

Pyranometer v. Reference Cell

Often we are asked, why use a pyranometer? Or, what is the benefit of a pyranometer over a reference cell? In this article you will find the advantages of measuring solar radiation...

- February 24, 2010

Briefing on pyranometers and pyrheliometers

Good quality solar radiation data is becoming increasingly important in the field of renewable energy with regard to both photovoltaic (PV) and thermal systems. This applies in activities...

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Kipp & Zonen is the world-wide specialist in the measurement of solar radiation. We offer a range of instruments for the measurement of global, diffuse and direct radiation. From our world class CMP 22 pyranometer to our low end SP Lite2,...