New product launched by GreenBrilliance in its home lighting product line will be showcased at the upcoming Green Festival, the nation's largest and most significant sustainable living event at the Washington DC convention center on 29th September through 30th September 2012.

"We are constantly evaluating solar applications in order to reach a wider customer base at the grassroot levels as well. These Solar powered Home lights are an ideal solution to meeting the lighting requirements of rural / remote areas, roadside emergency, construction sites etc. in areas with no grid connectivity. Solar powered lights are advantageous vis-à-vis conventional power sources during natural disaster relief operations. In urban areas, these Solar Home lights provide a cost-effective green energy source for lighting and USB charging, solving the problem of an inaccessible grid point. For those with an adventurous bend of mind, this power on the go solution makes camping and hiking greener, providing facility of lights as well as USB charging of mobile devices," says, Vineet Jain, Managing Director of GreenBrilliance.