EcoFasten Solar® Press Releases

- February 27, 2015


Industry leader EcoFasten Solar® works closely with the top solar developers, racking system providers, roofing manufacturers, and commercial installation companies to develop breakthrough...

- December 03, 2014

EcoFasten Solar Roof Mounts Used On SunCommon's 1000th Installation

Business leaders, elected officials, the SunCommon Staff, their 1st customer, and their 1000th customer gathered on December 2, 2014 to celebrate the company's 1000th residential solar...

- November 18, 2014

EcoFasten Solar® appoints John Wykoff as Sales Manager

Seasoned veteran with a broad background in Sales Management

- July 10, 2014

New website from Alpine SnowGuards®, Sister Company of EcoFasten Solar®

EcoFasten Solar® recently launched their new website, and now, Sister Company Alpine SnowGuards® follows suit

- July 08, 2014

CorruSlide: The latest product from EcoFasten Solar®

Universal solar roof mount for metal corrugated roofs. The only one like it in the industry.

- June 17, 2014

EcoFasten Solar® announces "S" profile to line of tile flashing systems

With the recent launch of the Flat ("F") tile and "W" Tile Flashing Systems, EcoFasten Solar® adds the "S" tile profile solar roof mount to their expanding product line.

- June 10, 2014

"W" Tile Flashing System is the newest product launch from the team at EcoFasten Solar®

The EcoFasten Solar® team is excited to announce the latest product launch in their line of tile flashing systems - the "W" Tile Flashing System for use with "W" profile tile roofing...

- June 10, 2014

EcoFasten Solar® new product launch

Introducing the W Tile Flashing System. This latest product was engineered and designed specifically for W profile tile roofs to ensure an easy install while eliminating frustration...

- June 04, 2014

It's here!

Solar roof mount industry leader EcoFasten Solar® has launched an entirely new website, developed specifically with YOU in mind.

- June 03, 2014

Product Launch: Flat Tile Flashing System from EcoFasten Solar®

Industry leader EcoFasten Solar® announces the newest product in their line of watertight, easy to install, straightforward solar roof mount solutions....the Flat Tile Flashing System...

EcoFasten Solar®

EcoFasten Solar® designs, engineers and manufactures patented, watertight solar roof mounts and components. As an industry leader, we work closely with leading solar developers, racking system providers, roofing manufacturers and commercial...