As offshore wind turbine blades are getting larger, new methods to assess the integrity and remaining life time of the blades are needed. DNV has initiated a research and innovation project, and an associated Joint Industry Project (JIP), to develop best practices for composite blade integrity assessment, tailored to the needs of wind turbines operating in areas with extreme weather conditions. The industry consortium partners consist of Vestas, Energy Research Institute @ Nanyang Technological University and Instron.

"As a natural consequence of the ambitious plans and targets set for renewable energy in many countries, we are seeing increasing projections on the amount of wind power being fed into the grid", says Managing Director, Bjorn Tore Markussen of DNV's Clean Technology Centre (CTC) in Singapore. "The increased expectations for wind power generation have led to growth in wind turbine size, particularly in offshore wind. The technical and potential quality issues faced in such a rapid growth phase can be overcome by cross-industry collaboration to develop best practices, such as this project".