Cenergy Power Press Releases

- July 25, 2014

Cenergy Power and Greenleaf-TNX successfully commission 1.8MW "Cloverdale Solar" Project on Sonoma County Landfill Site

Cenergy Power and Greenleaf-TNX are pleased to announce that they have successfully commissioned a 1.8 MW DC solar facility in Cloverdale, California, known as the "Cloverdale Solar"...

- March 04, 2014

Sundale Vineyards Harvests Solar ITCs

Cenergy Power helps Sundale Vineyards go Solar.

- February 05, 2014

Superior Almond Hulling Energizes its Facility with 1.1MW Cenergy Power Solar System

By: Jonathan Nivens, Reporter at AndNowUKnow.com

- January 09, 2014

Indianapolis Airport 12.5 MW Solar Project – A Magnificent Landing

By: Frank Andorka, Solar Power World

- August 14, 2013

Construction of Solar System Begins at Selma’s Poindexter Nut Company

By: The Business Journal Staff

- July 23, 2013

HMC Farms Turns to Cenergy for Solar

By: Mike Hornick, The Packer

- June 18, 2013

California Food Company, ShoEi Foods, Goes Solar

By: Julia Engelbrecht, Solar Power World

- March 28, 2013

Magnolia Citrus Power Bill is Sunny

By: Vicky Boyd, The Packer

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