Brightergy Products & Services

BrighterSavings™ means both energy and cost savings for you.

Full-Service LED Retrofits With LED's, you save 3 ways. LED lights use 30 - 70% less energy, last 3 - 5 times longer than traditional light sources, and you spend less time on maintenance, reducing your overhead costs. Because BrighterSavings™ is an operating...

BrighterSchools™ - Solar energy made simple for Missouri educators

Solar energy and schools pair perfectly together. Installing solar-panel systems at your school or in your district saves you money from day one, provides ready-made, hands-on learning opportunities, and creates a conversation about your school(s) and...


With the BrighterAsset™, you take energy into your own hands by owning your own commercial solar-energy system and producing solar power for your business.


Solar energy made easy for tax-exempt organizations.


Brightergy is a new kind of energy company. We're empowering organizations to actively take control over their energy - creation, cost, and consumption. Our solutions focus on cheaper, cleaner, and more efficient forms of energy - including...