The Parkway School District dedicated its 825-kilowatt solar-energy system, installed as 25-kilowatt systems across 33 buildings throughout the District, with an event hosted at the Pierremont Elementary gymnasium at 10 a.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 19 at 1215 Dauphine Lane.

Quote, Attributable to Keith Marty, Superintendent, Parkway School District "We're very excited about this solar project. Not only will it save money and help the environment, but our students will benefit in the classroom as well." Quote, Attributable to Cindy Bambini, St. Louis Development Specialist, Brightergy "Installing a solar system on every school in the Parkway School District is a dream come true for me, on a personal and professional level, and for Brightergy. There quite simply is no better way to share the power of solar energy in Missouri than by putting it atop the classrooms of over 17,000 students in St. Louis County."