Jigar Shah will be speaking again for the 4th time at this year's 10TH Anniversary Summit taking place August 15-18 In Aspen Colorado at the at the LEED certified Doerr-Hosier Building at the Aspen Meadow, home of the world-renowned Aspen Institute. He is the CEO of Jigar Shah Consulting, partner at Inerjys, and a board member of the Carbon War Room. Many have been still cautiously optimistic about sustainability, renewable energy and climate change solutions, while others seem to think these things will be the utter undoing our entire economic structure. Mr. Shaw has practically been shouting from the rooftops for several years now about the enormous potential these technologies have for not only jobs but "the largest wealth creation opportunity of our time". Now that President Obama has addressed and shed positive light on many of these issues in his speech of June 25th, Mr. Shaw hopes that people will start paying attention.To that end, he has written a response to the President that showcases his excitement, hope and inspiration, while not shying away from challenges. He thinks this is particularly appropriate as the US celebrates 4th of July, 2013.."This is a new step for the United States in independence from the status quo." states Shah.

"Our inspiration is not to just fix climate change, it is to ignite the next economy by meeting our energy needs using climate change solutions. Climate change is a trillion dollar opportunity masquerading a crisis." JIgar Shah