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John Farrell - May 29, 2014

Show Me Solar: Missouri's Opportunity for Solar Power

What can solar power do for a single state? How about 21 percent of its energy, $14 billion in economic activity, and over 150,000 jobs. At a discount to existing electricity costs....

Martin Smith - May 29, 2014

Study: Clean Energy Vocational Training Programs Have Better ROI than Traditional Degrees

Data recently released by CleanEdison indicates that the return on investment for educational paths, also called the return on education, is higher for vocational training than for...

Enphase Energy - May 28, 2014

Solar Roadways Video Goes Viral; Features Microinverter Technology

The future of solar energy is upon us, and the viral YouTube video Solar Freakin’ Roadways proves the power of solar has no boundaries. Engineering couple Julie and Scott Brusaw have...

Brad Mattson - May 27, 2014

How A Little-used NREL Tool Could Have Saved the US Solar Industry $6 Billion

Solar industry leaders gathered this past week at the Dept. of Energy’s SunShot Grand Challenge Summit to take stock of progress in achieving the challenge’s main goal – solar at less...

Mark Sokolove - May 23, 2014

What Is the State of the US Smart Grid Market?

Back in May, I had the opportunity to catch a presentation by Paul De Martini of the Newport Consulting Group and the California Institute of Technology, at a CleanTech OC smart grid...

Peter Rive - May 22, 2014

Put Battery Storage in the Hands of Grid Operators

The design of an electrical grid for the 21st Century is one of the world’s most exciting challenges, and at SolarCity we are vigorously engaged in assisting the effort. Our  vision...

UnThink Solar - May 21, 2014

25 Solar Marketing Alternatives to Unsolicited Telemarketing and Email Lists

Remember that old Seinfeld episode where Jerry receives an unsolicited call from a telemarketer? If not, here’s the clip: The punch line, “Now you know how I feel,” resonates with me... - May 21, 2014

What if Roads Were Made of Solar PV Panels?

Four years ago, Scott and Julie Brusaw announced their provocative concept of "Solar Roadways," a system of modular ‘pavement’ solar panels that could be installed directly onto roads,...

Doug Young - May 20, 2014

China's New Private Equity Investment Giant Eyes Solar

Following reports last month of the imminent formation of a major new private equity investor, media are now saying the company, China Minsheng Investment, has formally registered and...

John Farrell - May 20, 2014

A David and Goliath Fight to Tap World-class Solar

“It’s the most inspirational work that I’m doing…this is an inspirational and aspirational effort…at the heart of it is love of place and energy democracy.” Mariel Nanasi and the citizens...

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