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REC Solar - May 19, 2014

Three Key US Commercial Solar Tax Incentives Fighting for 2014 Extension

You can never truly predict what legislation will actually pass through Congress and get signed by the President. Nevertheless, there are several expiring solar tax benefits in the...

Sol Systems - May 19, 2014

When Solar Property Taxes Get Personal

On the long and winding road of solar project development, property taxes are frequently an afterthought. Yet, the presence, or lack, of a property tax on a solar energy system has...

Leslie Blodgett - May 16, 2014

Geothermal Visual: The Importance of Land Position when Drilling

The relationship between geothermal energy and innovations in mapping the subsurface of the Earth was discussed at the recent “Geothermal Best Practices for Risk Reduction Workshop,”...

Jesse Broehl - May 16, 2014

Offshore Wind Implications for Proposed GE Acquisition of Alstom

GE’s proposal to acquire French power engineering group Alstom’s power generation business for $13 billion is not a done deal – the French government has said it is conducting a review...

Sol Systems - May 16, 2014

New York Launches New Incentive Round for Large Solar Projects

New York is in a solar state of mind. On the heels of the recent announcement to commit an additional $1 billion to New York solar incentives over the next decade, the New York State... - May 15, 2014

Mr. Harris Goes to Washington: Hydropower's Exciting Progress

It was said that when the State of Oklahoma asked its favorite son, Will Rogers, if they might sculpt his likeness for inclusion in the United States Capitol's statuary, the cowboy...

Zoë Casey - May 14, 2014

80 Percent of Brits Support Renewable Energy

If you are a follower of the press and politics in the U.K. you might be forgiven for thinking that the country is against wind energy — but a new survey proves exactly the opposite. The...

John Farrell - May 13, 2014

The High Cost of the Solar Middleman

If there’s no such thing as a free lunch, then how can Americans get solar on their roof with “zero money down” and lower their electric bill?  Solar leasing, as it’s often called,...

Jane Weissman - May 13, 2014

Thank You Mr. President: More Support for Training Programs at Community Colleges Will Ready More Workers for Solar Jobs

May 9 was a momentous day for solar energy with one giant announcement kicking off a new set of promising and proven actions.  President Obama publicized more than 300 private and public...

UnThink Solar - May 12, 2014

5 Ways to Use the White House Solar PV System for Residential Solar Marketing

At long last, the White House has officially announced and promoted its solar installation. Though it wasn’t the comprehensive solar PR and educational blitz I was hoping for, it did...

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