80 Percent of Brits Support Renewable Energy

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Max Tanner
June 4, 2014
Just a pity the capacity factor for PV is 8-15%. A large proportion of the general public and people surveyed are unlikely to know such details. I think people acknowledge Nuclear and coal energy is expensive but are unaware of the extent to which PV highly inefficient. Whole bloody country would need to be covered by the things to produce sufficient source of energy. Making them more efficient is nigh on impossible unless you manage the weather and cloud cover.

Anonymous makes a good point. "Support" is a very loose criterion and using such a figure to base an article around allows someone to paint a hypothetically speaking rosy picture of the general public attitude.
May 30, 2014
Sound like Brits are smart now on clean energy!

Markets follow the money and so If we put our money where it matters for the best long-term energy to allow our survival on earth!

Age of Renewables’ Has Begun

(/Brian D.) Without subsidies breaks and protection, electricity prices would
rooftop solar Power: 3-6 cents/KWH
Wind Power: 6-7 cents/kWh
Nuclear Power: 11-20+ cents/kWh
Coal Power: 9-32+ cents/kWh

Are you planning to leave the burning fossil fuels industry now for truly clean energies, will you follow the money? ( because your 'love' & loyalty to 'fossil fuels' is not because it's 'dirty' but because it made you rich!) People vote with their wallet, so look out fossil fuels! Smart people are voting for Sustainable energies now!!

Why are they not burning coal (or wood!) on site for industries in cities (like London in 100 years ago) or directly in our homes anymore?

Local pollution from hydrocarbons has just moved to central plants('Out of sight=Out of Mind"?) but it still pollutes us and our world ecosystem we must have to live!
May 29, 2014
'Support' is such a broad term. I don't think many of the 20% "Not in Support" would say they are 100% against everything to do with renewables. Personally I am in favour but equally I see nuclear, coal and gas as more essential at this point in time. We could not rely on renewables solely tomorrow.

I think the 30% reliance on renewables by 2030 is not overly a realistic target but neither pro or con sides can have qualms with attempting to obtain this target.

I do think that 80% is also going to highly mi-informed and unknowledgeable about how wind power and especially PV is not all efficient right now. 30% for Wind and 10-15% capacity factor means it is by no means the finished article.

This 80% figure is going to largely consist of "yeah why not" answers as opposed to "yes because I know the facts". If I were to be asked whether I'm in support of lets say the Middle Easts monopoly on Oil I would say "no" but I haven't looked at facts so am not in a position to give a valid judgement.
An opinion is something that is not always based on fact or knowledge hence Joe Bloggs view in support of said issue is his opinion but is not necessarily correct or justified.

In short this article has reported that in response to by the sounds of it a closed answer question people are in support of renewables. Well blow me. Investigative journalism at is finest. That or some lame propaganda trying to impose a heightened view of public opinion in tis favour. Bravo
Stan Curlee
May 27, 2014

I’ll imagine you reside in the UK. Did you read my comments on “UK’s Negative Press on Wind Power Could Have Hurt Renewable Energy Fundraising”?

My post could easily double right here and be on topic and address the “real” issue about to be faced by those in the UK. That article seems to have fallen off the radar here, as I cannot find it, short of searching on my article posts page.

But continuing, forget the 2015 election.

I highly recommend you focus on nothing more and nothing less than the viable “generation margin” in the UK and how it is in nearly free fall there. It is down, or soon will be down, to about 5% and dropping. If you don’t know what this means and you live there, you soon will know what it means. It is a disaster in the making, regardless of which party is allowing it to happen. When the UK’s poor, elderly and infirm start dying in the cities, towns, and villages during a severe cold spell, everyone will throw their altruistic Green world views out the proverbial window. But I guarantee that EVERYONE and EVERYTHING will be blamed by the Left there EXCEPT (1) the misguided rush to close dependable nuclear and FF generating assets and (2) the installation of as much RE as possible.

You had better hope there are cuts to the environment budget and a huge attitude adjustment over there, or you will find out the hard way what “24-7, 100% dispatchable” power really means to a society. . . .
Keith Tighe
May 27, 2014
Poll taken straight after February floods, so dont raise your hopes too high. It will take more severe weather events, government disaster mismanagement including cuts to the environment budget, hiked energy company profits in November 2013 and a resurgent Labour Party to make a real difference to the committment of this Conservative-led government to renewable energy and the amount of UK renewable energy produced.

Parliament election, 2015 will give a far better idea about the UK publics attitudes to renewables or not, highlighting Labour's record of foreign military intervention, this time in respect of political instability in Ukraine concerning gas repayments and gas supply to the west.
Joel Keller
May 27, 2014
Just goes to show you that 80% of Brits are idiots.
Energy is considered an essential in just about every facet of life. These days many countries are struggling to attain an energy resource which is environmentally friendly, cost effective and efficient in energy production.

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