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Diarmaid Williams - April 24, 2015

Represent Renewables: One Week Left to Enter PEI's EMEA Project of the Year Awards

Power Engineering International has launched the EMEA Projects of the Year, which will seek to highlight the best in power plant construction across Europe, the Middle East and Africa....

Benjamin Falber - April 23, 2015

The Future of Energy Storage and the Rise of Big Batteries

When examining the machine that is our electric grid, a compelling fact is that we are relatively unable to store electric energy. We must create as much as we consume, and can only...

Todd Olinsky-Paul - April 22, 2015

New Jersey Leverages Markets to Support Resilient Solar Plus Storage Deployment

The results of New Jersey’s Renewable Electric Storage Competitive Solicitation are in, and they are impressive.  With only $3 million to spend, the state Board of Public Utilities...

John Farrell - April 02, 2015

Electricity’s Un-Natural Monopoly

The U.S. electricity system is undergoing the biggest change in its 130-year history, undermining the rationale for monopoly ownership and control. Until recently, electricity service...

Jane Weissman - April 02, 2015

The Third Decade

The obvious isn’t always obvious but when it is, it makes quite a difference. Some game changing models over the past three decades have given us strong footing as we move into a new...

Energy and Mines - March 31, 2015

Renewables Are Customizing PPAs for Mining Industry, But More Dialogue Necessary

Goldcorp’s Chilean operations has dedicated time and effort to exploring renewable energy for its 200 MW El Morro project, which has encountered delays because the company’s environmental...

Sky Stanfield - March 23, 2015

Building On a Strong Foundation: The Critical Need for Updated Interconnection Policies

Say you’re thinking about adding another story onto an old house. You probably wouldn’t want to start building without first having a structural engineer make some calculations to ensure...

Sky Stanfield - March 16, 2015

Technology Advancements Alone Won't Bring Energy Storage to Market – Regulatory Reform is Equally Important

If one takes a look at news articles regarding advancements in technology in almost any sector of the economy, a common theme emerges: perfecting the technology is merely the first...

Lewis Milford - March 13, 2015

Solar Plus Storage: What It Is, How It Works, and Why Your City Needs It

The emergence of solar power in the last decade has been impressive, with accelerating scale up and reduced costs. Following on that progress, a new combination of solar plus energy...

UnThink Solar - March 12, 2015

Is Solar Really Contagious or Is Persuasion Driving Neighborhood Solar Adoption?

A few months ago I wrote about the latest study that shows how residential solar sales are contagious. That is, if you make a solar sale in a neighborhood, it’s not long before more...

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