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Energy Efficiency Featured Blogs

Holly Copeland - February 26, 2015

Going Solar and Net-Zero: The 21st Century Family Home Project

300 pounds: That’s how much coal was not burned in a distant power plant in December as a result of the solar panels we installed on our house in Wyoming this fall. Being December,...

Jack Dawson - February 19, 2015

Enjoy the Double Advantage of Energy Efficiency and Saving Resources

Global warming is a term that pervades all international forums ranging from economics, food security, and energy production to security. Such is the importance of this debate that...

Doug Young - February 16, 2015

Chinese Electric Vehicle Maker BYD Seeks Jump Start with Asset Sale

Struggling electric car maker BYD (HKEx: 1211; Shenzhen: 002594) is starting to look a bit desperate, announcing a major asset sale just days after it received approval for a stalled...

Sarah Lozanova - February 12, 2015

A Glimpse Inside a Super Energy-Efficient Home

One year ago, my family joined Belfast Cohousing & Ecovillage in Midcoast Maine and moved into a high performance house, with triple-pane windows and doors, large south-facing windows,...

Tom DeRosa - February 11, 2015

Nuclear: Is It Clean and Green?

Nuclear energy has been, and still is, a vital part of the current U.S. energy picture. It has provided a steady baseload energy source for decades, and this may continue — it is projected...

John Farrell - February 05, 2015

Big, Expensive Power Plants Undermine a Clean Energy Future

With the rich history of cost overruns in the nuclear industry, Xcel Energy and Minnesota regulators shouldn’t have been surprised when the retrofit cost for the Monticello nuclear...

Terri Engels - February 05, 2015

Five Landmark Renewable Energy Projects from Around the World

Several enormous renewable energy infrastructure projects — the kind that kick-start revolutions — have been completed over the last few years.  They may have their difficulties, and...

Jane Weissman - January 21, 2015

Proof in Numbers: Putting Solar Job Census & Home Value Study in Perspective

Encouraging news was published last week. Avoiding any hyperbolic phrases, the facts speak for themselves. Almost 174,000 solar workers were counted in The Solar Foundation’s 2014 Census...

Paul Hockenos - January 20, 2015

2014 Was a Pivotal Year for Germany's Energiewende

What a difference a year makes: Germany's transition to renewable energy showed positive forward momentum, with increasing energy production from renewables, increased exports, decreased...

Sarah Lozanova - January 15, 2015

Net Zero Living in an Ultra Energy Efficient Home

Freedom from fluctuating energy prices, greater energy independence and eco-friendly living are alluring concepts that motivated my family to examine our housing and our lifestyle....

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