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Janet Kilpatrick - August 18, 2014

ENER-G Procurement welcomes 'Business energy brokers' code'

  'Business energy brokers' code' to be in place by end of 2015   Ofgem, regulator of the gas and electricity markets, has published the next steps to the non-domestic third party intermediaries...

geoAMPS - August 14, 2014

Developing rail systems to address climate change

With increasing concerns over climate change, nations are looking toward new ways to generate and use energy that reduce mankind’s carbon footprint. One way to accomplish that goal...

GPSTrackIt.com - August 11, 2014

What Can You Track with GPS Tracking? Our Short List

by Nancy McCord When you hear the term “GPS tracking”, what’s the first association that comes to mind? If you said cars and trucks, you’re in the majority. Tracking automotive vehicles is...

Victor Cardona - August 11, 2014

Solar Cells Just Need To Be Layered Like A Cake?

Thin film solar cells, old-fashioned standby silicon solar cells, CIGS, CadTel (see First Solar), multi-junction cells....the list goes on as solar cell materials get more exotic. There...

IP Focus: No Admittance to the PTO for Many with State ID's

As of today, it will be harder to get into the patent office, especially for those without an enhanced driver's license.  According to the US Patent & Trademark Office's website this...

GPSTrackIt.com - August 04, 2014

Track More Than Vehicles with a GPS Tracking Asset System

Business owners can use GPS tracking asset solution to keep tabs on their equipment and where these invaluable assets are located at any given time. This is nothing new, but a strong...

Jack Huang - August 03, 2014

How to buy a pellet mill online (main suppliers review)?

Cut budget, buy cost-effect pelletmill and make profits As the cost and price instability of fossil fuels keep growing, and as the environmental problems get worse and worse, the conversion...

Admirals Bank - August 02, 2014

How Important is Financing to the Future of Residential Solar?

With new financiers emerging rapidly across the country, we should have reason to believe that financing for residential solar systems will not only increase installations, but may...

geoAMPS - August 01, 2014

Dealing with impacts of an aging workforce

Retirement Day is a long-awaited day of celebration for a veteran employee. For their employer, though, it can mean a difficult road ahead, especially if the employer has not taken...

Leslie Blodgett - August 01, 2014

Geothermal Visual: Comparing the Geothermal Permitting Process to Other Technologies

The visual below, prepared by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), shows the average length of time for the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) review process for geothermal projects...

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