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Dan Liggett - May 07, 2014

geoAMPS helps wind industry achieve goals

How to build on the past success of the wind industry is a major topic at Windpower 2014, the annual industry conference organized by the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA). This...

Energy and Mines - May 07, 2014

The application and evolution of hybrid systems for mining operations

Many of the first applications of renewable energy technologies for mining operations are hybrid solutions using a combination of renewables and diesel gensets. This discussion featuring...

Zoë Casey - May 05, 2014

Renewable Energy Subsidies Are the Most Transparent and Visible

From direct government support to tax breaks and the cost of negative externalities like pollution, subsidies to the power sector take many different — and often hidden — forms. In...

Adrienne Baker, - April 29, 2014

Exploring Renewables for Powering Mines: Gold Fields Case Study Released

April 29, 2014 --- Energy and Mines, part of Canadian Clean Energy Conferences, has published a case study today on Johannesburg-based Gold Fields’ energy management and carbon mitigation...

Victor Cardona - April 23, 2014

Clean Energy Patents jump in 2013-GM takes Crown-Solar beats Fuel Cells-Clean Energy Patent Growth Index

U.S. patents for Clean Energy technologies in 2013 were at an all time high of 3175, which was 114 more than 2012.  GM took the annual Clean Energy Patent crown back from Toyota after...

Dan Liggett - April 22, 2014

geoAMPS: Celebrating Earth Day with solutions that are paperless

geoAMPS joins the celebration of Earth Day today, April 22, by offering paperless solutions for organizations and projects. geoAMPS, a technology company located in the Columbus, OH,...

OSK REDDY - April 19, 2014


Hello Friends'   India the heavy populated country is facing severe power crisis which cause many social and economic issues. It is time to adapt various renewable technologies for...

Benjamin Falber - April 11, 2014

Hudson Valley & NYC Brace As Imminent Changes to New York’s Energy Markets Approach

Cowritten by Natara G. Feller, Esq. The race to solve New York’s energy future is on and competing solutions have hit a new threshold of controversy.  In one corner, Governor Cuomo...

IP Focus: Is your invention too abstract to patent?

Patent law allows patents to be granted only for specific subject matter. This was rarely an issue until the late 20th century since a patent applicant rarely seeks a patent for an...

J. Eric Mathis - April 07, 2014

Open Innovation & Solar: A New Horizon Emerges in the Heart of Coal Country

Many visions have been laid out and developed over the years that point towards what economist Jeremy Rifken calls the Third Industrial Revolution: a network economy where the entire...

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