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Chris Meehan - 3 hours ago

Wind, Solar, Renewables see Best Year Ever With 103 GWs Installed, Increased Investments

A new study from the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) came out today (March 31) showing that 2014 was the best year yet for renewable energy with 103 gigawatts coming online...

Chris Meehan - March 25, 2015

More than 5 percent of California’s Electricity is now Solar Power

Who woulda thunk it. Just a few years ago solar power made up less than a percent of California’s electric generation. Now it’s up to more than 5 percent, according to the Energy Information...

Chris Meehan - March 06, 2015

Renewables on the Rise: Wind, Solar Show Impressive Gains in EIA Report

Every month the Energy Information Administration releases the Electric Power Monthly report. This week it released the report for December 2014. It showed that the amount of installed,...

Leslie Blodgett - February 20, 2015

Geothermal Visual: Capacity Factors for Assorted Energy Systems

“Capacity factor” refers to a measure of actual output over a period of time. Capacity factors for various types of energy systems, as recorded by DOE and NREL, are given in the visual...

Green Empowerment - February 17, 2015

OPB Article Highlighting Nicaragua Work

Recently, we were delighted to hear a Oregon Public Broadcasting story highlighting renewable energy development in Nicaragua and one of our key partners. Since 1997, Green Empowerment...

Chris Meehan - February 05, 2015

New Report Finds Strong Growth in Solar and other Clean Energy in US

The Business Council for Sustainable Energy released its Sustainable Energy in America Factbook for 2015, which was produced by Bloomberg. The factbook shows the advances that clean...

Terri Engels - February 05, 2015

Five Landmark Renewable Energy Projects from Around the World

Several enormous renewable energy infrastructure projects — the kind that kick-start revolutions — have been completed over the last few years.  They may have their difficulties, and...

Chris Meehan - February 03, 2015

Solar Incentives Generate $2.46 for Every $1 Invested in Washington State

That’s according to the results of a Solar Washington survey released last month. Basically the survey found that for each dollar the state invested in solar incentives offered by the...

Green Empowerment - January 29, 2015

Renewable Energy & Water Fellowship, Nicaragua

Renewable Energy & Water Fellowship, Nicaragua Green Empowerment (GE): Green Empowerment works with local partners around the world to strengthen communities by delivering renewable...

Latinoamerica Renovable, LLC - January 21, 2015

Energía y Cambio Climático. Parte 14. Caso de Estudio Nueva Alianza, Guatemala

Por Debora Ley PhD; Editado por Dora López PhD   Empezando con este artículo, se hará una reseña de cada caso de estudio discutido hasta ahora.  Como se ha podido observar, los proyectos...

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